Artisan Biscuits
Assortment of butter, chocolate, almond and mixed berries biscuits. Discover our new flavors in this compelling assortment of artisan biscuits.
Try them out and pick your favorite!
Artisan Biscuits
Assotment of butter, chocolate and apple biscuits
Our biscuit assortment does not disappoint. Check for yourself why their flavour and texture make them so delicious.

Artisan sweets

Assortment of boiled sweets: raspberry, honey & lemon, apple & eucalyptus flavours.
If you like sweets,you will fall in love with this assortment. You will discover the true taste of Spanish artisan sweets.


Assortment of fruit flavoured jelly sweets.
Could you eat just one?.Their exquisite texture and delicious fruity taste make them unique.Do you dare to accept our challenge?


Violet flavoured sweets
Tradition 5-petal flower-shaped sweet flavoured with violet essence. Very typical of Madrid and some cities in the South of France. It is said that the Spanish King Alfonso XIII often made a gift of these sweets.

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